Bolesław Drobner

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Bolesław Drobner (born June 28, 1883 in Kraków - March 31, 1968 in Kraków) was a Polish politician. Member of the Polish Socialist Party, he supported cooperation with the communists. Arrested by NKVD after the Soviet invasion of Poland, in 1943 he was released and joined the pro-Soviet Polish communist puppet government, the Union of Polish Patriots and later, the Polish Committee of National Liberation (PKWN). As leader of the "Lublin Poles" he led a delegation to Żagań on 13 May 1945 where he pledged the allegiance of his town to the Soviet Union.[1]

In 1945 he became the first Polish mayor (president) of Wrocław (former Breslau). Deputy to State National Council and Polish Sejm (until his death). He was a marszałek senior (1957, 1961, 1965).

Notable supporter of the artistic group Piwnica pod Baranami.


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