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Bolivar is a railway station in South Australia on the standard gauge line between Adelaide and Crystal Brook, originally with little more than a crossing loop for passing trains going in opposite directions. The original crossing loop is located about 30 km by rail from Mile End, South Australia, between Taylors Road, (now the western end of the Northern Expressway), and King Road, both in Virginia, South Australia. (The King Road gated level crossing actually crosses two tracks.)[1][2] As Virginia pre-existed the original building of the line, it is unclear why the station was named "Bolivar" - Bolivar, South Australia is several kilometres from Virginia.

There is no local passenger train service on this line, and long distance passenger trains do not stop.

ARTC has a file dated 2004 with a diagram of Bolivar loop.[3]

Crossing loop[edit]

In 2012, after replacement of the Taylors Road level crossing with an overbridge, the Bolivar crossing loop was extended from 1200m to the standard 1800m.[4]

Penfield intermodal hub[edit]

In 2007, it was proposed that an Intermodal Rail/Road facility be built in the Edinburgh Parks area. Accordingly, an area of rural/agricultural land in Penfield, South Australia was rezoned in 2008.[5][6]

In the 2010s, SCT Logistics[7] and another company started to develop an intermodal hub.[8][9] The new facilities and trackwork commenced construction on the north-east side of the line, south of the Northern Expressway and north of Heaslip Road and RAAF Base Edinburgh, in 2011/2012.

Adjacent stations[edit]

  • The next station with a crossing loop to the north is Two Wells - the loop is between Gawler Rd and Tenby Rd.
  • The next station with a crossing loop to the south in Dry Creek.

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Coordinates: 34°46′30″S 138°35′20″E / 34.775°S 138.589°E / -34.775; 138.589