Bolivia–Colombia relations

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Bolivian–Colombian relations



Bolivia–Colombia relations refers to the current and historical relationship between the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the Republic of Colombia.



Embassy of Colombia, La Paz
Coordinates 16°32′31.1496″S 68°4′58.33″W / 16.541986000°S 68.0828694°W / -16.541986000; -68.0828694 (Embajada de la República de Colombia)
Location Calacoto
Address Calle Roberto Prudencio 797
La Paz, Bolivia
Ambassador Martha Cecilia Pinilla Perdomo

The Embassy of Colombia in Bolivia is located in La Paz; it is headed by the Ambassador of Colombia to Bolivia, and it is located in the Calacoto neighbourhood of La Paz, precisely at Calle Roberto Prudencio 797, between calles 15th and 16th.[1][2]

The Embassy is charged with representing the interests of the President and Government of Colombia, improving diplomatic relations between Colombia and the accredited countries, promoting and improving the image and standing of Colombia in the accredited nations, promoting the Culture of Colombia, encouraging and facilitating tourism to and from Colombia, and ensuring the safety of Colombians abroad.

The Consulate General of Colombia in La Paz is also located on the premises.[3]


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