Bolo de mel

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Bolo de Mel
"Bolo de mel" cakes, Madeira.jpg
Alternative names Bolo de cana de Mel
Type Cake
Place of origin Portugal
Region or state Madeira
Creator Renato José dos Santos
Main ingredients spices Flour, sugar, butter or margarine, lard, molasses or honey, walnuts, almonds
Cookbook:Bolo de Mel  Bolo de Mel

A bolo de mel (Madeira honey cake) is a traditional cake from the Madeira Islands. This cake is considered to be Madeira's oldest dessert.

The Bolo de Mel cake became a popular confection when the island was an important sugar producer, since the cake itself is traditionally made with molasses instead of the now popular honey, which meant it could be stored for up to 5 years.

When made with molasses the cake is very dark in color and has a spongy sticky texture resembling a soft cookie. The cake often has walnuts and almonds mixed within it. When it is served it is customary in Madeira not to cut the cake, but rather to tear pieces off using the hands.

Bolo de Mel is traditionally made during Christmas often in a large enough batch that it can be enjoyed throughout the year.[1]


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