Bolpur (Lok Sabha constituency)

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Bolpur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Existence 1967-present
Reservation Reserved for SC
Current MP Doctor Ram Chandra Dome
Party CPI(M)
Elected Year 2009
State West Bengal
Total Electors 1,307,730
Assembly Constituencies Ketugram
Ausgram (SC)
Nanoor (SC)

Bolpur (Lok Sabha constituency) is one of the 543 parliamentary constituencies in India. The constituency centres on Bolpur in West Bengal. While four assembly segments of No. 41 Bolpur (Lok Sabha constituency) are in Birbhum district, three are in Bardhaman district. The seat was a free seat till 2004, but was declared reserved for scheduled castes from 2009 general elections.

Assembly segments[edit]

As per order of the Delimitation Commission issued in 2006 in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in the West Bengal, parliamentary constituency no. 41 Bolpur, reserved for Scheduled castes (SC), is composed of the following assembly segments:[1]

Prior to delimitation, Bolpur Lok Sabha constituency was composed of the following assembly segments:[2]

Election results[edit]

General election 2014[edit]

Indian general elections, 2014: Bolpur
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
BJP Kamini Mohan Sarkar
INC Tapan Kumar Saha
AITMC Anupam Hazra
CPI(M) Doctor Ram Chandra Dome
General Election, 2009: Bolpur[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
CPI(M) Doctor Ram Chandra Dome 538,383
INC Asit Kumar Mal 411,501
BJP Arjun Saha 70,084
AUDF Adara Bauri 21,325
Independent Professor Bijay Dalui 14,581
Independent Nihar Hazra 11,798
BSP Vidyasagar Mete 11,139
Turnout 1,078,811 82.49
CPI(M) hold Swing
e • d Indian general election, 2009
West Bengal summary
Party Seats won Seat change
Trinamool Congress 19 Increase18
Indian National Congress 6 Increase0
Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) 1 Increase1
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 9 Decrease17
Communist Party of India 2 Decrease1
Revolutionary Socialist Party 2 Decrease1
Forward bloc 2 Decrease1
Bharatiya Janata Party 1 Increase1

Source: List of successful candidates in General Elections 2009 to the 15th Lok Sabha
Statitical Report on General Elections 2004 to the 14th Lok Sabha

Elections prior to 2009[edit]

Results of elections prior to 2009 are summarised below


Year Winner Party
1967[4] A.K.Chanda Congress
1971[5] Saradish Roy CPI(M)


Year Voters Voter Turnout Winner Runners up
%age Candidate %age Party Candidate %age Party
1977[6] 255,130 48.36 Saradish Roy 50.19 CPI(M) Durga Banerjee 36.20 CPI
1980 493,810 74.04 Saradish Roy 54.97 CPI(M) Pranab Mukherjee 40.72 INC(I)
1984 589,190 78.26 Saradish Roy 55.09 CPI(M) NiharDutta 44.53 INC
1989 711,130 79.20 Somnath Chatterjee 60.42 CPI(M) Sachidanandan Sau 36.97 INC
1991 713,840 77.17 Somnath Chatterjee 56.64 CPI(M) Jivan Mukhopadhyay 24.10 Ind
1996 802,300 82.10 Somnath Chatterjee 60.55 CPI(M) Sunil Das 27.98 INC
1998 803,380 78.55 Somnath Chatterjee 59.55 CPI(M) Gour Hari Chandra 27.78 WBTC
1999 792.87 76.43 Somnath Chatterjee 59.36 CPI(M) Suniti Chattaraj 35.53 AITC
2004 770.12 74.41 Somnath Chatterjee 65.56 CPI(M) Dr. Nirmal Kumar Maji 25.26 AITC


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