Bom Jesus da Lapa

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Bom Jesus da Lapa
Flag of Bom Jesus da Lapa
Official seal of Bom Jesus da Lapa
Country  Brazil
Region Nordeste
State Bahia
Conservation area -Bahia - Brazil-17Dec2007

Bom Jesus da Lapa is a municipality in Bahia, Brazil located 796 km from the state capital. The population as of 2009 was recorded at 63,508 according to the IBGE. The city covers a total areas of 4,148.5 km² along the banks of the São Francisco River. Its economy is based on agriculture, commerce, tourism and fishing. The current mayor is Roberto Oliveira Maia da Silva. It is the site of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bom Jesus da Lapa.

The city is home to the third largest Catholic festival in Brazil,[1] known as the Romaria (Portuguese for "Procession" or "Pilgrimage") of Bom Jesus drawing as many as 800,000 visitors or "Romeiros" to the city annually.[2] For this reason, the city is known as “Capital Baiana da Fé” (The Bahian Capital of Faith).

Bom Jesus da Lapa is distinguished by other cities in the region by its Gothic style wall and nearby caves.


It is one of the older towns in Brazil being founded in 1693. It did not reach the status of city until 1953. The name means "Good Jesus of the Grotto." This might relate to a nearby cavern that naturally had "church-like" structures so was converted to a chapel.[3] The chapel began in the seventeenth century and is a significant pilgrimage site in Brazil.[4]


The city is served by Bom Jesus da Lapa Airport.


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