Bonțida Bánffy Castle

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Bonţida Bánffy Castle
Castelul Banffy de la Bonţida
Banffy Castle in Bontida, drawing from 19 century.jpg
Banffy Castle in Bonţida (drawing from the 19th century)
General information
Architectural style Baroque
Town or city Bonţida
Country  Romania
Construction started 1437
Completed 1543
Client Bánffy family
Design and construction
Architect Agostino Serena
Joseph Emmanuel Fischer von Erlach

Bánffy Castle (or Bonţida Bánffy Castle) is an architectonic Baroque monument situated in Bonţida, a village in the vicinity of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It was owned by the Bánffy family (of which Miklós Bánffy was a member). The owner is Katalin Banffy, who has 2 daughters, Nicolette and Elisabeth.

The castle was desecrated during World War II by German troops and neglected by the communist regime in Romania; it is currently being restored by the Transylvania Trust, with funds from the European Union, Romanian Ministry of Culture, Getty Grant Programme, World Monuments Fund, NKA (Hungary), etc. The Castle of Bonchida is now being restored as a cultural center. An apartment is being prepared for the use of the Count's family. The Built Heritage Conservation Training Centre, opened on the 26th of August 2005, received the main prize for education and awareness raising by the European Union/Europa Nostra in 2008.

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Coordinates: 46°54′36″N 23°48′36″E / 46.91000°N 23.81000°E / 46.91000; 23.81000

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