Bonanza: The Next Generation

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Bonanza: The Next Generation is a 1988 TV-movie sequel to the television series Bonanza. None of the original Cartwrights appears since the entire initial cast, with the exception of Pernell Roberts and Michael Landon, was dead. Lorne Greene had signed to reprise his role as patriarch Ben, but died shortly before production began. He was replaced by veteran actor John Ireland, who played Ben's brother Aaron. The movie features Michael Landon, Jr. as the son of Little Joe Cartwright, and Gillian Greene, daughter of Lorne Greene, as his love interest. The film was written by David Dortort and Paul Savage, and directed by William F. Claxton. Bonanza: The Next Generation was the pilot for a television series that was never produced but was followed by Bonanza: The Return (1993) and Bonanza: Under Attack (1995).


John Ireland ... Captain Aaron Cartwright
Robert Fuller (actor) ... Charlie Poke
Barbara Anderson ... Annabelle 'Annie' Cartwright
Michael Landon, Jr. ... Benjamin 'Benj' Cartwright
Brian A. Smith ... Josh Cartwright
John Amos ... Mr. Mack
Peter Mark Richman ... Mr. Dunson
Gillian Greene ... Jennifer Sills
Kevin Hagen ... Nathaniel Amsted
William 'Billy' Benedict ... Gus Morton (billed as William Benedict)
Richard Bergman ... Sheriff Montooth
Dabbs Greer ... Sills
Gary Reed ... Eldon Poole
Lee McLaughlin ... Mayor
Robert F. Hoy ... Feathers (billed as Robert Hoy)
Rex Linn ... Cease
Jack Lilley ... Jory
Jerry Gatlin ... Deke
Jeffrey Meyer ... Lundeen
Robert Jauregui ... Cullen
Jeff Boudov ... Homer (billed as Jeffrey Boudov)
Laurie Rude ... Rachel
Clayton Staggs ... Mover-Shaker
David Q. Combs ... Father

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