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Newfoundland and Labrador electoral district
Defunct federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
District created 1949
District abolished 1966
First contested 1949
Last contested 1965

Bonavista—Twillingate was a federal electoral district in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1949 to 1968.

This riding was created in 1949 when Newfoundland joined the Canadian Confederation.

It was abolished in 1966 when it was redistributed into Bonavista—Trinity—Conception, Burin—Burgeo, Gander—Twillingate and Grand Falls—White Bay—Labrador ridings.

It initially consisted of the Districts of Twillingate, Fogo, Bonavista North, and Bonavista South excluding any part of the territory within a radius of five miles from the railway station at Gander.

In 1952, it was expanded to include the unorganized territory bounded on the North and West by the District of Grand Falls, on the South by the Districts of Burgeo and LaPoile and Fortune Bay-Hermitage, on the East by the Districts of Trinity North, Bonavista South and Bonavista North.

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1949
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Frederick Gordon Bradley 9,744
Progressive Conservative Kenneth S.G. Dawe 1,415
Canadian federal election, 1953
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jack Pickersgill 10,072
Progressive Conservative Edward Russell 2,564
Canadian federal election, 1957
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jack Pickersgill 9,158
Progressive Conservative John Charles Pinsent 1,347
Canadian federal election, 1958
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jack Pickersgill 13,670
Progressive Conservative Gerald M. Winter 4,323
Canadian federal election, 1962
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jack Pickersgill 11,530
Progressive Conservative Whitfield Bannister 3,846
Canadian federal election, 1963
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jack Pickersgill 11,748
Progressive Conservative Guy H. Eveleigh 2,448
Independent Liberal Walter Herbert Davis 1,943
Canadian federal election, 1965
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Jack Pickersgill 10,113
Progressive Conservative William Q. Moss 3,687
By-election on 6 November 1967

On Mr. Pickersgill's, resignation, 19 September 1967

Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Charles Granger 8,112
Progressive Conservative Wilfred Nathan French 6,356
Independent Samuel Drover 370

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