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A Rigger tying a model
Bondage Rigger and Model performing at the Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival, Hollywood, CA on April 16, 2011

A bondage rigger is a person of any gender who practices the art of tying bondage, usually with rope.

Bondage riggers may participate in bondage for many reasons. These may include: as a form of BDSM or D/s play for personal enjoyment; as an art form, such as with Shibari or kinbaku; or as an enterprise for profit, by selling books, videos, or photographs.

Bondage riggers work with one or more rope bottom or bondage models, or may tie themselves in a practice called self-rigging or self-suspension. Some rope bottoms and bondage models are accomplished bondage riggers themselves.

Responsible bondage riggers always follow the principles of RACK when rigging.

Some well-known riggers include:

  • Amy Morgan (USA)
  • Dave Annis (USA)
  • Akira Naka (Japan)
  • Arisue Go (Japan)
  • Chanta Rose (USA)
  • Claire Adams (USA)
  • Damon Pierce (USA)
  • DonSir (USA)
  • Douglas Kent (Canada)
  • Dunter (Canada)
  • Dov (USA)
  • Jay Edwards (USA)
  • ESINEM [1] (UK)
  • Jeff Gord (USA)
  • Gorgone (France)
  • Graydancer (USA)
  • Matthias T. J. Grimme (Germany)
  • Hajime Kinoko (Japan)
  • Hebari (Australia)
  • John Willie (USA)
  • Lee Harrington [2] (USA)
  • Lew Rubens (USA)
  • Lochai Stine (USA)
  • Lqqkout (USA)
  • Maria Ludmila (AKA Ludmila Metresa) [3] (Serbia)
  • Mark_DV8 (Australia)
  • MataLeao (USA)
  • Midori (USA)
  • Miumi-u (AKA Yu Miumi) [4] (UK)
  • Murphy Blue (USA)
  • Osada Steve (Japan/Germany)
  • PD & Sir C of [Insex] (USA)
  • Randa Mai (Japan)
  • RiggerJay [5] (Canada/USA)
  • John Savage ( (USA)
  • Two Knotty Boys (USA)
  • Vlada [6] (Russia)
  • Zamil (Germany)

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