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Bondo is an American made product invented in 1955 in Miami, Florida by inventor and entrepreneur Robert Merton Spink. Commonly used as a term to describe any type of automotive repair putty, the word Bondo is actually a trademarked name of a product from the company 3M (Minnesota Mining Manufacturing.) 3M and Bondo have many products that range from automotive care, fiberglass repair and/or based products, marine products as well as household and traffic products as well.


In 1955 in Robert Merton Spink invented Bondo. Spink served in World War II until he was honorably discharged and moved to Florida where he came up with the idea of Bondo and also opened several of his own automotive shops.

Among the rise of Alternative Automotive body fillers, Bondo was a less toxic non-lead based filler following the recognition that lead is a toxic agent in 1948. Bondo’s mix of talc and plastic base fillers started out as strictly auto body repair agents, and since 1955 has widened its catalog to include Wood repair agents as well as products you can use on marine vehicles.

Popular products[edit]

  • Bondo body filler pint can
  • Bondo restore black
  • Bondo all purpose putty
  • Bondo fiberglass resin
  • Bondo-Bondo glass fiberglass reinforced filler
  • Bondo professional gold filler
  • Bondo rubberized undercoat aerosol
  • Bondo wood filler


Car repair that features products of all putty type, spray type and even Fiber Glass Resin.


Bondo’s line of marine products includes fiberglass mat, rotted wood restorer for docks and decks as well as boatyard resin for hulls and other repairs of personal boat craft.


Bondo has a line of household fixers which includes fiberglass resin for side panel fixing as well as rotted wood repair for decks or actual walls (interior or exterior) on the home. They also feature several all-purpose putty for things like holes in dry wall, wood side paneling or anything else that needs to be filled in.


Bondo has created a line of tools to help with everyday repairs and also make it easier to use their putty or sealer products. These include suction cup dent pullers, pick and bump hammers, shaping hammers, flexible sanders in order to sand down what you have just put putty on or in as well as fill scoops to actually handle the putty and get it into the proper area that needs the fill and fix.

Traffic products[edit]

Bondo aside from their automotive, home and marine products also serve the traffic roads with their products. Sensor sealers and urethane loop sealer are among the products in this line.


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