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Bondo District is an administrative district in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. Its capital town is Bondo. The Bondo District has a population of 238,780 [1]. The district is relatively new; it was created in 1998 from southern parts of the Siaya District. Bondo district has since been further split off from Rarieda District to its east.

The district has only two constituencies: Bondo Constituency and Rarieda Constituency. The Member of Parliament for Bondo Constituency is Oburu Odinga, current assistant minister of finance and brother of the country's prime minister Raila Odinga.

Local industries are fishing and family farming. The district borders the shore of Lake Victoria.

District subdivisions[edit]

Local authorities (councils)
Authority Type Population* Urban pop.*
Bondo Town 29,165 7,797
Bondo County County 209,615 4,405
Total - 238,780 12,202
* 1999 census. Source: [2]
Administrative divisions
Division Population* Urban pop.* Headquarters
Bondo 79,833 7,456 Bondo
Madiany 58,784 0 Madiany
Rarieda 56,883 0 Madiany
Usigu 43,280 3,933
Total 238,780 11,389 -
* 1999 census. Sources: [3], [4],

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