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Bonduelle S.A.
Type Société Anonyme
Traded as EuronextBON
Industry Food processing
Founded 1853
Headquarters Villeneuve d'Ascq, France
Key people Christophe Bonduelle
Products Canned food, frozen food
Revenue Increase 1 559 millions € (2009/2010)
Net income 57,7 millions € (2009/2010)
Employees 10,000 (in 2010)

Bonduelle is a French company producing processed vegetables.

For over 70 years, Bonduelle has experienced rapid, steady growth in the canned and frozen vegetables industry. Bonduelle products are sold through traditional distribution channels (supermarkets, mini-markets, etc.) and through catering circuits (restaurants, institutional food service, school dining halls, staff canteens, etc.).


The company was founded in 1853, when Louis Bonduelle-Dalle (23 October 1802 - 13 November 1880) and Louis Lesaffre-Roussel (1802 -1869) established a grain and juniper berry distillery in Marquette-lez-Lille. On June 17, 1862, they expanded to a farm in Renescure, which they turned into a grain alcohol distillery.

In 1901 the company and its seven production sites were divided into three family-owned companies: Bonduelle, Lesaffre and Lemaître.

In 1926 the business began canning peas. Booming demand in the 1930s enabled the company to expand, but the firm's operations were suspended in 1940 through the end of World War II. With the war's end, however, demand continued to grow, and the company began purchasing vegetables to supplement its own harvests.

In the mid-1960s, the company began to improve its exports, and in 1968, began freezing vegetables. Several European subsidiaries were launched: in Germany in 1969, in Italy in 1972 and in England in 1973. By 1973, exports accounted for half of the company's turnover.

In 1980, Bonduelle acquired the main Belgian canned food company, Marie Thumas, and added the acquisition of Cassegrain in 1989. The company continued to grow internationally, adding subsidiaries in Brazil in 1994 and in Argentina in 1996.

In 1997, the company entered the "fresh processed" business with the acquisition of Salade Minute.

In 2004, Bonduelle Group created the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, which aims to promote the public usefulness of vegetables by putting the benefits of vegetables to the public good.

In 2007, Bonduelle completed its acquisition of Canadian firm Aliments Carrière (Arctic Gardens brand), a leader in vegetables and frozen foods, which enabled gave it access to 39,500 hectares of farmland.

In 2010, Bonduelle bought France Champignon, and mushrooms have become Bonduelle's number two vegetable (after sweetcorn).


  • Bonduelle (France, Italy, Germany, Benelux)
  • Cassegrain (France)
  • Frudesa (Spain)
  • Arctic Gardens (Canada)


  • Number 1 in Europe for tinned vegetables and number 2 in frozen vegetables.

Financial data[2][edit]

Financial data in million Euros
Period July 2009 - June 2010
Turnover 1,560
Operating income 102
Net profit 57.7
  • 10,000 permanent employees in 2010
  • 42 industrial sites
  • 100,000 hectares cultivated by 4,000 farmers under contract.
  • Canned goods make up 51%[3] of turnover, fresh vegetables (including the line of ready-to-eat products)account for 22%[4] and frozen foods account for the remaining 27% of the company's sales turnover.

Stock market data[5][edit]

  • Shares traded on the Paris Stock Exchange
  • Member of the CAC Mid 100 index
  • ISIN code = FR0000063935
  • Face value = Euro
  • Shareholder breakdown:
    • General partners 27.63%, others members of Bonduelle family 25.08%, public 41.10%, employees and treasury shares 6.19%
Stock market data as of 30 June 2010
Outstanding securities 8 millions €
Stock market capitalisation 594 millions €
Average monthly trading volume 181 894


  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Christophe Bonduelle since 2001
  • Director, Bonduelle Development: Benoît Bonduelle
  • Director of External Relations and Sustainable Development: Jean-Bernard Bonduelle
  • General Manager: Daniel Vielfaure
  • Human Resources Director: Bruno Rauwel
  • Administrative and Financial Director: Grégory Sanson
  • Director, Bonduelle Tinned Goods International: Philippe Carreau
  • Director, Bonduelle North America: Louis Frenette
  • Director, Bonduelle Fresh and Delicatessen: Patrick Néaume
  • Director, Bonduelle Food Division: Pascal Bredeloux
  • Director, Bonduelle France Champignon: Jérôme Bonduelle


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