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This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline.


Generation One[edit]


  • MegatronWalther P38 Pistol
  • GalvatronLaser Cannon / Futuristic Handgun (In most continuities, Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron .)


Decepticon Air Commander / Decepticon Second-In-Command / Trine Leader (Starscream)—[F-15 Eagle]

Military Operation Commander (Shockwave)—Cybertronian Space Gun

Governor of Polyhex (Lord StraxusMobile Cannon (Later referred to as "Dark Mount" for trademark reasons.)

Decepticon Jets[edit]


Season 2 Seekers (Coneheads)[edit]

These characters essentially used the same mold as their Season 1 counterparts, but with small modifications. They are also known as the "Coneheads".

Season 3 Jets[edit]

  • CyclonusCybertronian Fighter Jet
  • ScourgeCybertronian Flying Hovercraft
  • SweepsCybertronian Flying Hovercrafts (Mass-produced Transformers sharing the same body-type of Scourge)

′′Season 4 Jet′′[edit]



Soundwave – Microcassette recorder

Decepticon Mini-Cassettes
  • Nightbird—A human-built ninja robot reprogrammed as a Decepticon.
Decepticon City


Deluxe Insecticons

Combiner Teams[edit]

The Combiners (more commonly known as Gestalts by the fans) are the Transformers who could combine with each other to form a larger robot.

Constructicons / Devastator[edit]

Stunticons / Menasor[edit]

Combaticons / Bruticus[edit]

Predacons / Predaking[edit]

Terrorcons / Abominus[edit]

Seacons / Piranacon[edit]


Triple Changers[edit]


Horrorcons are Headmaster Triple Changers.

Six Changer[edit]


Decepticon Clones[edit]



Double Targetmasters





Powermaster Mercenary
  • DoubledealerMissile Transport (Figure also transforms into Autobot warrior, his allegiance was controlled by which partner was merged with him.)
    • Scar (Decepticon partner)
    • Knok (Autobot partner)


Pretender Beasts

Pretender Vehicles

Pretender Classic

Ultra Pretender

  • RoadblockAssault Vehicle / Humanoid / Spacecraft / Car

Mega Pretender

Monster Pretenders / Monstructor


Micromaster Bases[edit]

Micromaster Transports[edit]

Micromaster Combiners[edit]

Action Masters[edit]

Action Master Decepticon Attack Vehicles[edit]

  • Gutcruncher
    • Stratotronic Attack Jet—Jet Fighter—Tank & Battle Station

Action Master Action Blaster Vehicles[edit]

  • Axer with Off-road cycle

Action Master Motorized Exo-Suit Vehicle[edit]

  • Slicer (recolor of Autobot Wheeljack, European Exclusive)
    • Exo-Suit Vehicle—4WD Assault Vehicle / Battle Suit

Action Master Classics[edit]

Action Master Decepticon Attack Vehicles[edit]

  • Megatron
    • Neutro Fusion Tank—Tank / Jet & Battle Station

Action Master Action Blaster Vehicles[edit]

Action Master Motorized Exo-Suit Vehicle[edit]

  • Thundercracker (recolor of Starscream, European Exclusive)
    • Solo Mission Jet Plane—Stealth Fighter / Battle Suit

Actionmaster Elites[edit]

European Exclusives[edit]



Generation One (Japan)[edit]


  • Soundblaster – Microcassette Player (recolor of Soundwave w/ extra cassette.)



Beast Force[edit]

Beast Force / Lio Kaiser

Dinoforce / Dinoking[edit]


Other Series[edit]

  • MetrotitanCity / Battle Station. The recolored version of Metroplex.
  • Jet Army Corps
    • The Predator jets, bar Skyquake, were released in two-packs with the European Autobot Turbomasters, renamed Flarejet, Darkjet, Moonjet & Shadowjet. Additionally, Stalker and Skyquake were released, but not as part of the official Transformers line of that year, but rather in European packaging, with a Japanese sticker on the back. The magazine articles on the fiction of this Transformers line, Operation Combination, make reference to a Decepticon leader name "Scrash" – apparently, this was intended to be Skyquake, given a name that combined both his European monikers.
  • Battle Gaea– The recolored version of Bruticus.

Transformers: Generation 2[edit]

A major revamp of the Transformers line, which included new toys, a new comic book series from Marvel Comics and a re-edited release of the 1984 TV series.[1]


Combat Hero[edit]

Decepticon Jets[edit]


Gestalt Teams[edit]

Rotor Force[edit]

Laser Rods[edit]

  • JoltOld-Style Racer
  • SizzleBlack Hot Rod





Power Masters[edit]

Not to be confused with G1 Powermasters, these figures had a wind-up wheel gimmick.

Cybertronian Empire[edit]

European Exclusives[edit]




Robots in Disguise / Car Robots[edit]

In Robots in Disguise, the Decepticons are a group of Autobot Protoforms recruited by the Predacons to serve Megatron/Galvatron.

Commandos / Ruination[edit]

Toy-only Decepticons[edit]

Unicron Trilogy[edit]

Transformers: Armada/Transformers: Energon[edit]


Destruction Team / Bruticus Maximus[edit]

Construction Team / Constructicon Maximus[edit]

Toy Line Exclusive[edit]

Transformers: Cybertron[edit]

Cybertron Decepticons

Earth Decepticon

Velocitron (Speed Planet) Decepticons

Animatros (Jungle Planet) Decepticon

Planet X Decepticons

Alternators / Binaltech[edit]


  • Heatwave– Transformers Collectors Club membership exclusive for 2009. A recolor of Energon Barricade with a new head mold. Forms part of Nexus Prime.

Transformers: Animated[edit]

Main Characters[edit]


Recurring Characters[edit]

Team Chaar[edit]

Starscream Clones[edit]

Omega Sentinels[edit]

Live-action film series[edit]

For more details about the Action Figures, visit the 2007 Movie Toy-Line Section.

Transformers film[edit]


Video game Decepticons[edit]

All video game-exclusive Decepticons, except for Shockwave, Mixmaster, and Scrapper, have been also made into toys.

Toyline Decepticons[edit]

Real Gear Decepticons[edit]

The Reign of Starscream Decepticons[edit]

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen[edit]


  • The FallenUnknown (In ancient times was known as Megatronus Prime / Prime # 7, but after when betrayed his brothers, was deprived rank Prime, own name and became know as The Fallen. killed by Optimus Prime)
  • MegatronCybertronian Hover Tank

Decepticons/Non-Combinder Constructicons[edit]


  • RavageMechanical Jaguar/Reentry Mode (killed by Bumblebee)
  • The Doctor (film)/Scalpel (general media)– Microscope (Though the film does not show his death, he is killed by Optimus Prime in the comic adaptation and novel)
  • InsecticonMechanical beetle (killed by Sam Witwicky)
  • ScorponokMechanical scorpion (killed by Jetfire)
  • Alice – (also a Pretender) Teenage female human
  • Reedmancombined form Microbots known as Microcons, who also transforms into marbles
  • Wheelie (later becomes an Autobot)
  • Decepticon Hatchlings - New-Born Cybertronians (killed by a lack of Energon)


Constructicons are mass-produced Transformers in the live-action film series, so there are sometime more than one of each. Those who form Devastator have been killed by the U.S. navy's rail cannon.

  • Scavenger – (recolor of Demolisher) / Upper Torso
  • Darkmix – (same as Mixmaster) / Head
  • Scoop – (same as Scrapper) / Right Arm
  • HightowerKobelco CKE2500 II Crawler Crane / Left Arm
  • Skipjack– (recolor of Rampage) / Left Hand
  • OverloadKW Dart D4661 Articulated Dump Truck / Lower Torso
  • Big Green – (same as Long Haul) / Right Leg
  • PayloadCaterpillar 769D dump truck / Left Leg
  • Jumping Jack – (same as Skipjack) / Left Foot


Video Game Decepticons[edit]

Toyline Decepticons[edit]

Alliance/Nefarious Decepticons[edit]

Hunt for the Decepticons toyline[edit]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon[edit]

  • MegatronArmored "Mad Max" Mack semi-trailer truck (killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Sentinel PrimeRosenbauer Panther airport crash tender (formerly an Autobot; killed by Optimus Prime)
  • StarscreamF-22 Raptor (killed by Sam Witwicky)
  • SoundwaveMercedes-Benz SLS AMG (killed by Bumblebee)
  • ShockwaveUnknown (killed by Optimus Prime)
  • BarricadeBlack Police Ford Mustang (killed by NEST soldiers)
  • Devcon - Russian Missile Launching Truck (killed by Roadbuster, Leadfoot, Topspin, and NEST soldiers)
  • DrillerTentacle monster (killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Combaticon - Modifited M1 Abrams (same as Brawl; killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Stunticon - Audi R8 (same as Sideways; killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Dumpstor - Caterpillar 773B dump truck (same as Long Haul; killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Scrapheap - Caterpillar 992G scoop loader (same as Scrapper; killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Desertstorm - Modifited M1 Abrams (Deep Desert repaint of Brawl; killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Junglebot - Buffalo H military vehicle (Jungle repaint of Bonecrusher; killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Decepticon Protoforms - Unknown (killed by Autobots and NEST soldiers)

The Dreads[edit]


  • LaserbeakMechanical Dragonhawk / Black photocopier / Pink Bumblebee mascot / Multiple CD player (killed by Sam Witwicky and Bumblebee)
  • IgorHead of Long Haul (apparently survived because he did not participate in the battle in Chicago)
  • The Doctors - Microscopes (clones of the original Doctor)
  • Watch-con – Watch
  • Decepticon Hatchlings - New-Born Cybertronians (kept as Megatron's pets)

Minor Decepticons[edit]

  • Unnamed Long Haul-like Decpticon - Waste Management garbage truck (apparently survived because he did not participate in the battle in Chicago)
  • Bankinator – Modified Superfund Cash in Transit Truck (most likely killed by the end of the Chicago battle, along with all other Decepticons)
  • Firox - Fire Truck (apparently survived because he did not participate in the battle in Chicago)
  • Sherifftron - Police Car (apparently survived because he did not participate in the battle in Chicago)
  • Firax - Fire Truck (same as Firox; apparently survived because he did not participate in the battle in Chicago)
  • Hillbilly- Pickup Car (most likely killed by the end of the Chicago battle, along with all other Decepticons)
  • Other Minor Dcepticons – (those seen around the globe appear to have survived because they did not participate in the battle in Chicago)

Toyline Decepticons[edit]

Video-game Decepticons[edit]

  • Mixmaster - Mack concrete Mixer / missile launcher
  • Lockdown - (remold of Transformers: Animated Lockdown)

Rising Storm Decepticons[edit]

Transformers: The Ride[edit]

Transformers: Age of Extinction[edit]

Human-made Transformers[edit]

Transformers: Power Core Combiners[edit]

Transformers: Prime[edit]




Of the Predacons, only Darksteel and Sky Lynx were originally created by Starscream and Shockwave.






Gladiator Corps[edit]


  • Nemesis Prime - (recolor of Optimus Prime; originally created by M.E.C.H.)
  • Makeshift - Various (also a Shifter, who could change his form into that of other robots) (offline)
  • Decepticon Miners - (Energon-mining class of Vehicons)
  • C.Y.L.A.S. - Unknown (bio-suit made to save founder of M.E.C.H. from dying, constructed from the remains of Breakdown) (offline)
  • Terrorcons (Megatron's, actually Unicron's, army of the undead Cybertronians brought to live by Dark Energon)