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This article is about the variety show. For other uses, see Bonkers.

Bonkers! was an ATV variety show, distributed by ITC Entertainment in the United States for syndication during the 1978-79 television season,[1] and later airing in 1979 in the United Kingdom.

Starring Bob Monkhouse and the Hudson Brothers - Bill, Brett and Mark - the show featured sketches, guest stars and musical numbers from the chorus dancers known as The Bonkerettes. Whilst not a big hit for ATV, it gained a cult audience in the United States where it was compared to Saturday Night Live.

After four episodes the show was curtailed in the UK by the 13-week-long ITV strike of 1979 and did not reappear when the network restarted broadcasts; however, production for syndication continued and 24 episodes in total were made.


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