Bonn Hauptbahnhof

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Bonn Hauptbahnhof
Entrance of the station (2008)
Category 2
Type Bf
DS100 code KB
Station code 0767
Construction and location
Opened 22 April 1885
Style of architecture Neo-Renaissance
Location Bonn
State North Rhine-Westphalia
Country Germany
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50°43′55″N 7°5′49″E / 50.73194°N 7.09694°E / 50.73194; 7.09694Coordinates: 50°43′55″N 7°5′49″E / 50.73194°N 7.09694°E / 50.73194; 7.09694
Route information
List of railway stations in North Rhine-Westphalia

Bonn Hauptbahnhof is a railway station located on the left bank of the Rhine along the Cologne–Mainz line. It is the principal station serving the city of Bonn. In addition to extensive rail service from Deutsche Bahn it acts as a hub for local bus, tram, and Stadtbahn services.


Bonn station in 1900

The first station was constructed in 1844 by the Bonn-Cologne Railway Company, as part of the West Rhine Railway.[1] The current building was erected between 1883 and 1884. From 1870 a train ferry connected Bonn station to the East Rhine Railway. With the opening of the Voreifel Railway to Euskirchen, the station became a rail junction.

In 1883 and 1884, a new station building was erected, which is now heritage listed.

The station sharply increased in importance in 1949, when Bonn became capital of the Federal Republic. Many politicians and federal employees travelled by train, as did guests of the state.

In 1969, Bonn grew considerably by incorporating towns which includes the stations of Bad Godesberg, Beuel, Duisdorf, Oberkassel and Mehlem and, in 1971, the station was renamed Bonn Hauptbahnhof.

Northwest of the station there used to be a small freight yard, which is now closed and partially demolished. The remaining tracks are used to allow freight trains to be overtaken and as a yard for assembling passenger trains and parking freight wagons. The Rhine Shore station (Rheinuferbahnhof) of the former Cologne-Bonn Railway (Köln-Bonner Eisenbahnen AG, KBE) was next to the station until 1985. As part of the construction of the Bonn Stadtbahn in the early 1970s, the existing buildings at the station were demolished and rebuilt. The design of the station forecourt was soon the subject of much controversy among the public of Bonn and there were several attempts to redesign it.

During the planning phase of the Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed line in the 1980s and early 1990s, a proposal to build a new line via Bonn station was controversial. This proposed a tunnel under the city, which would begin on the northern outskirts of Bonn and run through a deep level station 35 m below the main station. After crossing under the government district, the Rhine and the Siebengebirge hills to reach the line route that favoured by the Deutsche Bundesbahn to run via Limburg an der Lahn to Frankfurt. The additional cost of this option was estimated at about half a billion Euros.[2] In addition, a route via Bonn-Beuel and Aegidienberg through a 14 km long tunnel was also considered.[2] Today, Bonn Hauptbahnhof is connected indirectly to the high-speed line, by tram line 66 of the Bonn Stadtbahn to Siegburg/Bonn station. Despite Intercity-Express services running through Siegburg/Bonn rather than Bonn, Bonn Hauptbahnhof is still a major stop for long-distance traffic.


Located beneath the main platforms are two underground platforms served by the Bonn Stadtbahn.[citation needed] Bonn Hauptbahnhof sits astride the north-south and east-west axes of the network and consequently sees daily about 50,000 passengers. The current facility opened in 1979.


platforms and tracks
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
ICE 10
select trains only
towards Munich Hbf
ICE 31
towards Kiel Hbf
towards Wien Hbf
ICE 91
towards Dortmund Hbf
towards Chur
IC/EC 30
towards Passau Hbf
IC/EC 31
towards Innsbruck Hbf
IC/EC 32
IC/EC 35
Bonn Hbf
towards Cologne Hbf
IC 55
towards Leipzig Hbf

Regional trains[edit]

Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
toward Koblenz Hbf
RE 5
toward Emmerich
Terminus RB 23
toward Ahrbrück
RB 30
toward Bonn-Mehlem
RB 48
Preceding station   trans regio   Following station
toward Koblenz Hbf
MRB 26

Local trains[edit]

U-Bahn station
Preceding station   SWB   Following station
Line 16
toward Thielenbruch
Line 18 Terminus
toward Dottendorf
Line 61
Line 62
Line 63
toward Siegburg
Line 66
toward Bad Honnef
Line 67
toward Bornheim
Line 68
toward Ramersdorf


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