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Bonnie Canino (born 11 January 1962) is a former women's boxing world featherweight champion for two different associations. She also won world titles in kick boxing for two different associations.[1]

The native of Miami, Florida, beat such challengers as Gloria Ramirez, Nora Daigle and Sue Chase in her career. She also lost bouts to Chevelle Hallback and Alicia Ashley.

After retiring in 1999 from professional boxing, she worked at a car dealership and managed Ada Vélez, the first Puerto Rican woman to become a world boxing champion. And Yvonne Reis the WBC Women's Middleweight World Champion 2006.

Canino had a respectable boxing record of fifteen wins and four losses, with five knockout wins.[1]


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Bonnie “The Cobra” Canino (born in Miami, Florida January 11,1962 of Puerto Rican descent) is a retired American 2 times World Champion Kickboxer and first Woman Featherweight World Champion Boxer, earning 2 World Titles in the 1990’s, finishing with a record of 31- 4. She was known for her sleek look and smooth movements with a vicious spinning bask fist in the Kickboxing world. She fought for Championship Title 6 times in a 12 months period.

     Ms. Canino then switched over to boxing as the popularity of the sport was recognized by the organizations, commissions and states. Before retiring from the boxing ring in 2000, she earned 2 World Titles in boxing, the WIBF and IFBA in the late 90’s. She finished with a boxing record of 15 - 4. 
    Having started her career in 1979 in the martial arts with a lot of point fighting tournaments/matches, she made her debut in 1985, achieving  46 wins, 8 loses, 1 draw, having fought some of the best women fighters in the world; Lucia Rujker, Kathy Long, Chevelle Hallback and many more.

Ms. Canino has been operating her own fighting gym since 1985. She trains and teaches men, women and children, beginners, amateurs and professional athlete’s boxing, kickboxing and martial arts still.

Retired 4-time World Champion First Women’s Feather Weight World Boxing Champion 2 Times US Open Karate Tournament Champion 4th Degree Black Belt Jui-Kung-Karbo Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo Black Belt in WTA USA Boxing Coach/ Official Certificated USA Team Coach for World Games 2008 & 2010 Trained 2 World Champions; the first middleweight WBC Female, Yvonne Reis and the multi-title champion bantamweight, Ada Velez. Promoted the 1st South Florida All-Women’s Amateur Boxing Show in 1998 and the 2003 Women’s USA Boxing National Championships plus the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 Women’s National Golden Gloves. Inducted in the Martial Art Hall of Fame 2004 Inducted in the Broward County Hall of Fame 2008 Inducted in the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame 2014 Published Instructional Boxing Book called The Body by Bonnie Canino