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Bonnie On Tour LIVE DVD
Video by Bonnie Tyler
Released May 1, 2007
Genre Rock
Label Sony
Producer John Stage
Bonnie Tyler chronology
Bonnie Tyler Live
Bonnie On Tour
From The Heart: Greatest Hits

Bonnie on Tour is a live DVD made during an international tour by singer Bonnie Tyler.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Intro (La Cigale), France
  2. Holding Out For A Hero, (France)
  3. All I Need Is Love, (France)
  4. Driving me Crazy, (France)
  5. Crying in Berlin, (France)
  6. Celebrate, (France)
  7. Hold Out Your Heart, (France)
  8. Run Run Run, (France)
  9. Louise, (France)
  10. Holding Out For A Hero, (France)
  11. Lost In France, (France)
  12. Bonnie's Birthday, (France)
  13. Total Eclipse Of The Heart, (France)
  14. Bonnie introduces The Band, (France)
  15. It's a Heartache, (France)
  16. Departure Of The Band, Poland
  17. Sopot Festival - It's A Heartache, (Poland)
  18. Dinner With Bonnie, (Poland)
  19. The Bands Visits Mojo, (Poland)
  20. Louise, Tunisia
  21. Makin'Of Louise, (Tunisia)
  22. Bonnie Meet Her Fans, France
  23. Lunch and Dinner with Bonnie, (France)
  24. If You Were A Woman, Spain
  25. Simply Believe, (Spain)
  26. Here She Comes, (Spain)
  27. Backstage, (Spain)
  28. Les Laurentines, Canada
  29. Marrakeck "shopping", Morocco
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  31. Song Lyrics

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