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The Bonsall UFO was an incident said to have occurred at 21.15 on October 5, 2000, in Bonsall in Derbyshire (near Matlock), where a woman named Sharon Rowlands of Slaley claims to have observed a large luminous object with a shimmering pink colour, hovering and rotating over a nearby field.[1] She captured many minutes of the object on a camcorder.[2] The video shows a ball of light that at one point appears to be made out of concentric circles similar to that of a photographic orb. Rowlands said, “I was filming it from around two miles away”, she said, “It resembled a giant disc with a bite taken out of the bottom. It had yellow, orange and blue lights – with intricate markings and a dark circle in the centre” she added. “As it hovered over the woods it seemed to expand and get smaller again. We could see it pulsing as if it started up – and then it just went. It came really close at one stage and I thought it was going to land in the field. The video she made is slightly out-of-focus as she tries to zoom in closer to the object. Rowlands reported it to her local newspaper, the Matlock Mercury, which then reported on her story. The six minute footage has been purchased by an American film company for a substantial sum of money believed to be in the region of $20,000.[3]

The story was quickly picked up by ufologists.

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