Boogie Box High

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Boogie Box High
Genres Pop music
Years active 1987–2010
Labels Hardback

Boogie Box High were a musical project headed by Andros Georgiou in the late 1980s, that featured a range of musical collaborations such as his cousin George Michael, guitarist Nick Heyward (of Haircut One Hundred), keyboardist Mick Talbot (of Style Council), guitarist–songwriter David Austin, bassist Deon Estus and others.

Released in 1987 in the United Kingdom, Boogie Box High's first single "Jive Talkin'" quickly reached number one worldwide, selling over a million copies.

"Jive Talkin'"[edit]

Georgiou's version of the Bee Gees song was originally recorded as a demo, with a studio band made up of Nick Heyward from Haircut One Hundred (guitar), Mick Talbot from Style Council (keyboards), and members of George Michael's studio band.

Once the demo was completed, Andros played a copy for his cousin George Michael, who instantly loved the track. George took the master tapes to Denmark's PUK Studios (where he had recorded tracks for his 8-times-platinum album Faith), and spent three days recording lead and backing vocals. Andros' vocals are still heard in the background mix. Due to contractual obligations to Epic Records, George Michael was never credited on the original release.


Outrageous, Boogie Box High's only LP, was released in 1989. Originally titled Outrageously Brilliant, the title was seemingly an homage to Wham!'s debut album Fantastic, which itself was originally to be titled "Brilliant."

Outrageous was initially released in the United States, with SBK Records opting to license the album for worldwide release. The album spawned two singles, "Gave It All Away" and "Nervous." "Jive Talkin'" was appended to the new album, which relied heavily on George Michael-related musicians, Nick Heyward, Mick Talbot and PWL studios for the recording sessions.

Michael's contributions to the album were two previously unreleased songs he had written for Wham!'s debut album Fantastic, "Golden Soul" and "Soul Boy." He is also thought to have contributed the lead vocal for the single "Gave It All Away." Once again, due to contractual obligations to Epic Records, Michael was not credited for any of this.


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