Boojum forest

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Boojum tree in hot June summers

The Boojum forest is an area in central Baja California near Catiavinia known for endemic flora so bizarre and grotesque in appearance that the area was named after mathematician/logician Lewis Carroll's imaginary landscape story, The Hunting of the Snark.

The area is characterized by almost no rainfall, as opposed to the two coasts of the Baja Peninsula, exotic plants such as Fouquieria columnaris, large rounded granitic boulders placed similar to those of ancient druid religious sites,and columnar cacti such as Ferocactus gracilis, huge fleshy red blooded (the sap is highly ferrous red) elephant trees, Bursera microphylla, huge endemic ocotillo (Fouquieria peninsularis) with flaming red flowered tipped ends, and the world's largest cactus, the columnar Cardon, Pachycereus pringlei.

Carroll also wrote the logically absurd Alice in Wonderland.

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