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Perth Agreement 2011 and other articles, linked directly or indirectly[edit]

~law and practice of Commonwealth realms on a demise of the Crown, from Act of Settlement (1701) to Succession to the Crown Act 2013[edit]

Accession Council
Accession Declaration Act 1910
Act of Settlement 1701
Acts of Union 1707
Acts of Union 1800
Australia Act 1986
Australian head of state dispute
Australian nationality law
Australians for Constitutional Monarchy
Balfour Declaration of 1926
Beauregard v. Canada
Bill of Rights 1689
British North America Acts
British Overseas Territories
Canada Act 1982
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Canadian Confederation
Canadian federalism
Canadian constitutional law
Canadian nationality law
Chapter VIII of the Constitution of Australia
Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865
Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Commonwealth of Nations
Commonwealth realm
Constitution Act, 1867
Constitution Act, 1982
Constitution Act 1986
Constitutional history of Australia
Constitutional history of Canada
Constitution of Australia
Constitution of Canada
Constitution of New Zealand
The Crown
Crown dependencies
Demise of the Crown
Doctrine of reception
Dominion of Newfoundland
Executive Council (Commonwealth countries)
Federalism in Australia
Federation of Australia
Government of Australia
Harare Declaration
High Court of Australia
1926 Imperial Conference
Imperial Laws Application Act 1988
Irish Free State
Law of Australia
Line of succession to the British throne
Monarchy of Australia
Monarchy of Canada
Monarchy of New Zealand
Newfoundland Act
New Zealand Constitution Act 1986
New Zealand nationality law
O'Donohue v. Canada
Patriation Reference
Perth Agreement
Politics of Australia
Post-Confederation Canada (1867–1914)
Prince George of Cambridge
Proclamation of accession of Elizabeth II
Provinces and territories of Canada
Provincial Judges Reference
Quebec federalist ideology
Queen's Privy Council for Canada
Realm of New Zealand
Reception statute
Regency Acts
Republicanism in Australia
Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927
Royal Marriages Act 1772
Royal Succession Act 2013
Royal Succession Bills and Acts
Royal Style and Titles Act
Royal Titles Act 1974
Section 44 of the Constitution of Australia
Section 51 of the Constitution of Australia
Singapore Declaration
South Africa Act 1909
Statute of Westminster 1931
Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942
Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1947
Succession to the British throne
Succession to the Crown Act 2013
Succession to the Throne Act 1937
Succession to the Throne Act, 2013
Sue v Hill
Title and style of the Canadian monarch
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