Book of Horizons

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Book of Horizons
Studio album by Secret Chiefs 3
Released May 25, 2004
Genre Avant-garde
Length 52:56
Label Mimicry
Producer Trey Spruance
Secret Chiefs 3 chronology
Book M
Book of Horizons
Path of Most Resistance
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media (8.2/10) June 15, 2004 (very favorable) link

Book of Horizons is the fourth studio album by Secret Chiefs 3, released May 25th 2004. Book of Horizons was the first Secret Chiefs 3 album to reveal the satellite bands that form the actual band under their own names. Out of the seven bands only one, NT Fan, was not heard on the album at all. The other six are The Electromagnetic Azoth, UR, Ishraqiyun, Traditionalists, Holy Vehm and FORMS. Since the release of Book of Horizons the satellite bands have seen several releases of their own.

It features the song The Owl in Daylight, inspired by the final unfinished novel written by renowned science fiction writer Philip K. Dick before his death, and is also the title of an upcoming biopic about him. The song Book T: Exodus is the theme of the 1960 film The Exodus composed by Ernest Gold.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Trey Spruance (credited as "The Enemy" on Holy Vehm tracks), except where noted. 

No. Title Satellite band Length
1. "The End Times"   FORMS 4:58
2. "The 4 (The Great Ishraqi Sun)"   Ishraqiyun 3:37
3. "The Indestructible Drop"   Traditionalists 1:09
4. "Exterminating Angel"   Holy Vehm 3:14
5. "The Owl in Daylight"   FORMS 3:58
6. "The Exile"   Traditionalists 3:08
7. "On the Wings of the Haoma"   The Electromagnetic Azoth 5:08
8. "Book T: Exodus" (composed by Ernest Gold) UR 3:56
9. "Hypostasis of the Archons"   Holy Vehm 4:21
10. "The Electrotheonic Grail Dove"   Traditionalists 0:44
11. "The 3 (Afghan Song)" (composer unknown) Ishraqiyun 4:01
12. "DJ Revisionist"   The Electromagnetic Azoth 4:06
13. "Anthropomorphosis: Boxleitner"   UR 5:24
14. "Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique"   FORMS 5:11



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