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Boom! is a children's science fiction novel by Mark Haddon published in 2009.[1] It is the revised version of Mark Haddon's Gridzbi Spudvetch!, which was published in 1992.

Plot summary[edit]

The plot of this book involves two friends called Charlie and Jimbo and Jimbo's sister Becky says that the teachers are going to send him to a school for mentally ill children so Jimbo and Charlie sneak beside the teachers area and put a walkie talkie down and listened in through. They found out some things and they found out they spoke another language and after a while of investigating they were approached by a man in a suit who told them to leave them alone and then he burned a hole through the table they were sitting at with his finger. They disobeyed his order and Charlie was kidnapped. He was brought to Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy where he had to pretend to be happy. After a while of Jimbo investigating Charlie's "Spudvetch!" notebook he discovered that his best bet to find him would be at The Isle Of Skye in Scotland. They got there and a portal opened and Jimbo got sucked in to Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy but his sister stayed. They found Charlie and escaped. After a while Mr. Kidd and Mrs. Pearse got fired because of kidnapping and they went for revenge on Charlie and they tried to kill them. But some FBI people already knew what was going on and had being watching them. They shot Mr. Kidd and Mrs. Pearse and then the FBI people said that if they ever told anyone they would be hunted down and killed. Then they went back to their normal lives.

Publishing history[edit]


Gridzbi Spudvetch! was published in 1992 by Walker Books. As mentioned in Boom!, Gridzbi Spudvetch had many faults. Mark Haddon admitted that 'no one could pronounce the title and know what the story was about until they read it', and also mentioned that the book was 'full of references to floppy disks, cassette players and Walkmans'. The book went rapidly out of print.

The book would have stayed out of print, but over the years several people commented about how much they loved the book. Alison Williams, the teacher of Lilac 4 from SS Philip and James Primary School in Oxford, said she had been reading the book to her children and how much they loved it. To prove this she sent letters from the children to Mark Haddon, which were all kind and funny and very complimentary. With some inspiration Mark Haddon made a new edition, which was published in 2009 under the title Boom!.[2] The book is dedicated to them.