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Boomdizzle Networks Inc.
Type Private
Founded 2008
Headquarters Palo Alto, California, USA
Industry Social Networking/Record Label

Boomdizzle is a record label and social networking and music website founded by rapper LL Cool J in 2008.[1] Since its launch in September 2008, the website accepts music uploads from aspiring artists, primarily from the hip hop genre, and the site's users rate songs through contests, voting, and other community events. Boomdizzle provides the production, distribution, and promotional services traditionally offered by major entertainment labels.[2]


Detroit R&B singer Luther "Squeak" Jackson defeated 40,000 other entrants to win Boomdizzle's first "Hip Hop Superstar Competition" in May 2008. He was signed to a recording contract and performed live on stage with LL Cool J at the Heritage Fest 2009 in Birmingham, Alabama, and at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.[1][3][4] Boomdizzle hosted a Michael Jackson Tribute Contest, in which Jonathan Levant was chosen as the winner.[5]


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