Boone Lake

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Boone Lake
Location Sullivan / Washington counties, Tennessee, United States
Coordinates 36°26′25″N 082°26′18″W / 36.44028°N 82.43833°W / 36.44028; -82.43833Coordinates: 36°26′25″N 082°26′18″W / 36.44028°N 82.43833°W / 36.44028; -82.43833
Type reservoir
Primary inflows South Fork Holston River
Primary outflows South Fork Holston River
Basin countries United States
Surface area 4,400 acres (18 km2)
Water volume 75,829 acre·ft (0.093534 km3)

Boone Lake is a reservoir in Sullivan and Washington counties in northeastern Tennessee, formed by the impoundment of the South Fork Holston River behind Boone Dam.[1]

The dam and reservoir are maintained and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The lake has a surface area of about 4,400 acres (18 km2)[2] and a flood-storage capacity of 75,829 acre feet (93,534,000 m3). Water levels in the reservoir fluctuate over a range of about 20 feet (6 m) over the course of a year.[1]

Recreational facilities on the lake include a swimming area and a boat ramp. Water skiing and fishing are popular activities on the lake.[1] Fish species in the lake of interest to sport fishermen include black bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and striped bass.[3] There are precautionary fish consumption advisories for catfish and carp due to PCB and chlordane concentrations.[2][4] Children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised not to consume these two species, and other persons are advised to limit their consumption to one meal per month.[2]


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