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Boonie Bears (simplified Chinese: 熊出没; traditional Chinese: 熊出沒; pinyin: xióng chū mò) is a Chinese animated cartoon series shown on Central China Television (CCTV).[1][2][3] [4] The main characters are a Logger Vick, and two bears in the forest, Briar and Bramble. The episodes generally revolve around Vick's attempts to log the timber and the bears' attempts to stop them. Another character is a hyper-active squirrel.

Boonie Bears was first shown in February 2012 and became the most popular children's show in China.[5] It became the most popular during the Qingming festival period. More than 200 13-minute episodes have so far been produced. The series is produced by Fantawild Holdings Inc. (S: 华强文化科技集团, T: 華強文化科技集團, P: Huáqiáng Wénhuà Kējì Jítuán). Boonie Bears is produced in Mandarin and English.

A film based on the series titled Boonie Bears: To the Rescue premiered in China on January 17, 2014.


The main characters of Boonie Bears; Logger Vick (Bald Qiang), the bears Briar and Bramble (Xiongda and Xionger), and Warren the squirrel (Bengbeng)

Logger Vick[edit]

Logger Vick (S: 光头强, T: 光頭強, P: Guāngtóu Qiáng "Bald Qiang") is a logger who is continually harassed by his unseen boss to chop down the trees of the forest. He lives alone in a house in the forest. He tries to stop the bears but the bears always defeat him.


Briar (C: 熊大, P: Xióngdà "Big bear") is the brighter of the two bears and leads their attempts to stop Logger Vick. He fights with Bramble sometimes.


Bramble (C: 熊二, P: Xióngèr "Bear two"; èr can also mean "stupid" in the Beijing dialect) is not the brighter of the bears but is quite strong. He likes eating very much.


Warren (C: 蹦蹦, Bèngbèng "Jump-jump/Bounce-bounce") is a nervous squirrel who helps Briar and Bramble. He lives in a tree.

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