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Bop magazine is a monthly American entertainment magazine for kids 10 years of age and teens. It began publication in the summer of 1983 and is published by Laufer Media, which also publishes Tiger Beat magazine.[1]

Popular features include articles, mini-mags, interviews, and the Fly Free To Hollywood contest, where readers had to correctly guess the stars, whether it was identifying their eyes, finding their names in a word search, or identifying them by their hair (the photos had the celebrities with their faces blacked out). A spinoff magazine, Big Bopper, later called BB, was released in the fall of 1986 and was published until 2000. Bop and Tiger Beat are very similar, as they share an editor and feature the same celebrities. Bop was sold by its founders (Julie Jenkins, Teena Naumann, Kerry Laufer and Scott Laufer) to Primedia in 1998. Primedia sold it (along with Tiger Beat) to Scott Laufer in 2003.[2]


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