Borġ in-Nadur

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The cross on top of Borġ in-Nadur Hill.

Borġ in-Nadur is a Tarxien megalithic temple in open fields, overlooking St George’s Bay, near Birzebbuga, Malta.[1] The site is now closed to the public and its preservation is the responsibility of Heritage Malta. The Tarxien Period old Temple was occupied (as the whole surrounding area was) during the Bronze Age as a village, and there is a small Tarxien cemetery 9 m from the main temple.

Today Borġ in-Nadur appears as a large site,[1] only slightly visible on the ground. The Temple shows a typical four-apse temple,[2] but little evidence of human activity has been recovered dating to the active period of the temple.

This area was abandoned until the Bronze Age, when a flourishing village colonized the whole area. The main evidence of this settlement is a 4.5 m high wall still standing and originally barring access to the village itself.[1] Scattered sherds have been found in a large area all around the temple.

A cross has been put on top of the hill to mark the site[citation needed] of the Borġ in-Nadur apparitions, where local resident Angelik Caruana has claimed to see visions of the Virgin Mary.[3]


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Coordinates: 35°49′52″N 14°31′44″E / 35.8312°N 14.529°E / 35.8312; 14.529