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Borbera localizzazione.jpg
Location within the SE Piedmont
Origin Monte Chiappo, Ligurian Alps
Mouth The Scrivia at Vignole Borbera (Province of Alessandria) in the frazione Precipiano
Basin countries Italy
Length 38 km
Source elevation c. 1,700 m
Mouth elevation 226 m
Avg. discharge 6.5 m²/s
Basin area 212 km²

The Borbera (Borbaja in Piedmontese) is a major torrente (a stream whose flow is marked by a high degree of seasonal variation) of the Province of Alessandria in the Italian region Piedmont.


It is born at an elevation of 1,700 m on Monte Chiappo and runs a course of 38 km before flowing into the Scrivia as its major right tributary at Vignole Borbera.

The river passes through the territories of the following communes: Cabella Ligure, Albera Ligure, Rocchetta Ligure, Cantalupo Ligure, Borghetto di Borbera, Vignole Borbera, Stazzano, Arquata Scrivia, Serravalle Scrivia.


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