Border Cop

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Border Cop
DVD cover for 'Border Cop'
Directed by Christopher Leitch
Produced by Anuar Badin
John Daly
Donald Langdon
Written by Michael Allin
Starring Telly Savalas
Michael V. Gazzo
Danny De La Paz
Cecilia Camacho
Robin Clarke
Music by Stanley Myers
Cinematography Gabriel Figuroa
Edited by Charles Tetoni
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release dates
Running time
90 minutes
Language English

Border Cop is a 1979 action film starring Telly Savalas. Savalas plays a United States Border Patrol agent who has a close run-in with a dangerous organized crime boss. The film is distributed by Troma Entertainment.

Tagline: Where the law crosses the line.

The film is rated R13 in New Zealand and it contains violence and content that may disturb.

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