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The eight Regional Authorities of the Republic of Ireland:
(1). Border Regional Authority
(2). West Regional Authority
(3). Midlands Regional Authority
(4). Mid-East Regional Authority
(5). Dublin Regional Authority
(6). South-East Regional Authority
(7). South-West Regional Authority
(8). Mid-West Regional Authority

The Border Regional Authority is the body charged with the government of the Border Region. It is one of eight statutory regions in Ireland at the level of NUTS-3. The Authority comprises the State's entire border with Northern Ireland, hence its name, and includes the counties of Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo.


The Border Regional Authority was established with effect from 1 January 1994 under the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1991 (Regional Authorities) (Establishment) Order, 1993. This Establishment Order was made by the Minister for the Environment with the consent of the Minister for Finance under Sections 3 and 43 of the Local Government Act, 1991.


The Authority consists of 38 elected County Councillors drawn from each of the constituent County Councils and the member for the Border Region on the EU Committee of the Regions. The Authority is serviced by a Director and staff who are based at the Authority's Headquarters in Cavan Town. The current Director is Matt Donnelly. The current Cathaoirleach (Chairman) is Cllr Matt Carthy (Sinn Féin) from Monaghan and the Leas Chathaoirleach (Vice Chairman) is Cllr Gary Carville (Fine Gael) also from Monaghan.


Since the Local Elections of June 2009, Fine Gael is now the largest party on the Authority, with 17 members, to 13 from Fianna Fáil, 5 from Sinn Féin, 1 from the Green Party and 2 Independents.

The members of the Border Regional Authority are:

  • Andrew Boylan, FG
  • Aidan Boyle, FG
  • Danny Brady, FF
  • Paddy Smith, FG
  • Sean Smith, FF
  • Val Smith, FG
  • John Boyle, FG
  • Gerry Crawford, FF
  • Rena Donaghey, FF
  • Marie Therese Gallagher, SF
  • Charlie McConalogue, FF
  • Séamus O'Domhnaill, Ind
  • Terence Slowey, FG
  • Michael Colreavy, SF
  • Frank Dolan, FG
  • Gerry Dolanm, Ind
  • Tony Ferguson, FF
  • John McCartin, FG
  • Terry Brennan, FG
  • Mark Dearey, GP
  • Jim Lennon, FG
  • Jim Loughran, SF
  • Finian McCoy, FG
  • Liam Reilly, FF
  • Peter Savage, FF
  • Owen Bannigan FG
  • Matt Carthy, SF
  • Gary Carville, FG
  • Noel Keelan, SF
  • Padraig McNally, FF
  • John O Brien, FF
  • Thomas Collery, FG
  • Jude Devins, FF,
  • Imelda Henry, FG
  • Hubert Keaney, FG
  • Dara Mulvey, FG
  • Rosaleen O Grady, FF
Committee of the Regions Member for Border Region
  • Patrick McGowan, FF

Powers, Functions and Duties[edit]

Regional Authorities have been given a general competence to do all things necessary and expedient for the effective performance of their functions, including wide consultation with local, regional and other public authorities, engagement of consultants and advisers, participating in or promoting research, borrowing, purchase and leasing of land and property, requesting information and attendance at a meeting of representatives from any local or public authority.

The principle functions include:

  • Promotion of co-ordination in the provision of public services in the region
  • Promotion of co-operation, joint action etc. between local authorities, public authorities and/or others
  • Reviewing the overall development needs of the region and the making of statements on them as appropriate, and keeping under review the provision of public services in the region
  • Reviewing the Development Plans of local authorities in the region and in adjoining regions
  • Preparation of a Regional Report (Plan) covering development needs, review of local authority development plans and the provision of public services in the region
  • Provision of proposals, advice, recommendations or information to Government in relation to applications for EU assistance
  • Reviewing and monitoring the implementation of measures for which EU assistance is made available
  • Preparation of Programme of Work, estimate of Expenditure and Receipts, Statement of Accounts and Annual Report
  • Preparation of Regional Planning Guidelines (Planning and Development Act 2000)
  • Provide, at the request of the Minister of Finance information, recommendations and/or advice in connection with the preparation of any plan, programme or other measure for the purpose of making or supporting an application to the EU for financial assistance.

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