Boreal Transport

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Boreal Transport AS
Industry Public transport
Founded 1999
Headquarters Stavanger, Norway
Area served
Number of employees
1,500 (2006)
Subsidiaries Finnmark Fylkesrederi
The Trondheim Tramway is operated by Veolia's subsidiary Gråkallbanen

Boreal Transport is a Norwegian public transport operator. Established as a subsidiary of Veolia Transport in 1999, it operates through its subsidiaries buses, ferries and trams in the counties of Akershus, Finnmark, Nordland, Rogaland and Sør-Trøndelag, primarily through the purchase of former monopolists. The company has 1,500 employees and operates ca 440 buses, 25 ferries/ships and 9 trams.

The company operates buses on public service obligation contracts with Ruter in Oslo and Akershus and Kolumbus in Rogaland. The ferries operated in Rogaland, Nordland and Finnmark are with concession or on public service obligation with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications while the trams in Trondheim are operated on contract with the City of Trondheim.


Veolia Transport established itself in Norway in 1999 as Connex Norway and in 2003 it purchased the bus companies S.O.T. Trafikk and Sokndal Bilruter. The same year the company bought the ferry and bus operator Finnmark Fylkesrederi from the Finnmark County Municipality. In 2005 the company expanded with the purchases of Gråkallbanen that operates the Trondheim Tramway and Helgelandske that operates buses and ferries in Helgeland. In 2006 the corporation also acquired the bus and ferry operator Nordtrafikk. It was known as Veolia Transport Norway until 2011, when it was sold by Veolia to a Norwegian investor group.


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