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Borgarbyggd map.png
Location of the municipality
Constituency Northwest Constituency
Region Western Region
Manager Kolfinna Jóhannesdóttir
Area 4,926 km2
Population 3,535
Density 0.72/km2
Number 3609
Postal code(s) 310, 311, 320

Borgarbyggð (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈpɔrkarˌpɪkːθ]) is a municipality of various amalgamated populated rural areas in the West or Western Region region of Iceland.

The biggest township in the municipality is that of Borgarnes, which has a population of 1,763 inhabitants. Other densely populated areas in the municipality of Borgarbyggð are the village campus of Bifröst University and the agricultural center of Varmaland.

With a view to Borgarbyggð's being an agricultural area that in no way relies on fishing or the fishing industry for its sustenance, it is considered to be Iceland's most densely populated municipality.

Landscape in Borgarbyggð.


Coordinates: 64°32′24″N 21°55′01″W / 64.540°N 21.917°W / 64.540; -21.917