Borgestad Manor

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Borgestad Manor
Anne Clausdatter (1659–1713), known from the poem Stolt Anne

Borgestad Manor (Norwegian: Borgestad gård) is an estate in Telemark in Norway, located near Skien and Porsgrunn. It is one of the largest estates in the region. It was originally church property and was confiscated by the Crown following the Reformation and was sold to private owners in 1638. Its owners include Anne Clausdatter (1659–1713), known from the poem Stolt Anne, and former Prime Minister Gunnar Knudsen (1848–1928).

Coordinates: 59°09′50″N 9°39′04″E / 59.164°N 9.651°E / 59.164; 9.651


  • The Middle Ages: The Church
  • Since the Reformation: The Crown
  • 1638–ca. 1650 Christen Andersen and his widow Anne Gundersdatter
  • ca 1650–1691 Gjert Clausen (Niemand) and his widow Anne Gundersdatter (formerly married to Christen Andersen)
  • 1692–1695 Halvor and Søren Borse
  • ca 1695–1713 Anne Clausdatter
  • 1719–1731 Hans Holmboe
  • 1731–1760 Herman Leopoldus (Løvenskiold from 1739)
  • 1760–1787 Bartholomæus Herman Løvenskiold
  • 1787–1822 Jacob Aall
  • 1822–1823 Diderik von Cappelen
  • 1823–1853 Realf von Cappelen
  • 1853–1881 Erik Johan Cappelen
  • 1881–1928 Sofie Knudsen née Cappelen and Gunnar Knudsen
  • 1928–1953 Erik Cappelen Knudsen
  • 1953–1975 Gunnar Knudsen Borgestad (son of the former owner)
  • 1975–2003 Erik Robert Knudsen Borgestad
  • 2003 Stiftelsen Borgestad Gård (The Foundation Borgestad Manor) with Petter Borgestad (son of the former owner) as chairman