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Coordinates: 50°53′N 5°41′E / 50.883°N 5.683°E / 50.883; 5.683

Location of Borgharen
Location of Borgharen
Country Netherlands
Province Limburg
Municipality Maastricht
Population 1.857

Borgharen (Limburgish: Hare) is a town in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is a part of the municipality of Maastricht, and lies about 3 km north of Maastricht. Until 1970, it was a separate municipality.

In 2001, Borgharen had 1814 inhabitants. The built-up area of the town was 0.34 km², and contained 732 residences.[1]

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Borgharen Castle
A Borgharen street


  1. ^ Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Bevolkingskernen in Nederland 2001 [1]. Statistics are for the continuous built-up area.