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Coordinates: 18°56′24″N 72°50′07″E / 18.9400°N 72.8353°E / 18.9400; 72.8353

Bori Bunder as seen from St. Thomas Cathedral (c. 1855-1862).

Bori Bunder (alternatively "Bori Bandar") was one of the areas along the Eastern shore line of Mumbai, India.


This place was used as a storehouse for goods imported and exported from Mumbai. In the native slang, 'Bori' mean sack and 'Bandar' means Bhandaar or store; Bandar also means port; So Bori Bunder literally means a place where sacks are stored.


In the 1850s, the Great Indian Peninsular Railway built its railway terminus in this area and the station took its name as Bori Bunder.[1]

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