Born, Netherlands

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Location of Born
Country Netherlands
Province Limburg
Municipality Sittard-Geleen
Population (1 January 2009) 6,090
Major roads A2, N297, Julianakanaal

Born [bɔrn] is a town of approximately 6,000 inhabitants in the Dutch municipality of Sittard-Geleen. It has a port on the Julianakanaal (Juliana canal). Born is also the site of the car factory Nedcar. It has a zoo.[1]

Until 2001, Born was a separate municipality (population about 15,000), that included the villages Born, Buchten, Holtum, Grevenbicht, Papenhoven and Obbicht.

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82nd armored reconnaissance battalion help with liberation of Born on Sept. 19, 1944.

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Coordinates: 51°02′N 5°49′E / 51.033°N 5.817°E / 51.033; 5.817