Born to Raise Hell (film)

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Born to Raise Hell
Born to Raise Hell Film Poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Lauro Chartrand
Produced by Phillip B. Goldfine
Steven Seagal
Written by Steven Seagal
Starring Steven Seagal
Dan Bădărău
Darren Shahlavi
Music by Michael Neilson
Cinematography Eric J. Goldstein
Edited by Trevor Mirosh
Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment
Release date(s)
  • October 18, 2010 (2010-10-18) (United Kingdom)
  • April 19, 2011 (2011-04-19) (United States)
Running time 98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $10 million

Born to Raise Hell is a 2010 American action film directed by Lauro Chartrand, and also written and produced by Steven Seagal, who also starred in the film. The film co-stars Dan Bădărău and Darren Shahlavi. The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on April 19, 2011.


After 9/11, the United States government realized that narcotics were responsible for financing the majority of terrorist cells. That's why they created the International Drug Task Force (IDTF). The IDTF task forces are fully funded and overseen by the United States government. They took their top narcotics officers and created interdiction teams throughout Asia and Eastern Europe.

Bobby Samuels (Steven Seagal) heads an IDTF team in Bucharest, Romania. Six months ago, Bobby's partner was killed. Now, headquarters has sent him a new partner named Steve (D. Neil Mark). Steve's wife is eight months pregnant, and he’d really like to make it home to see the birth of his child.

Russian drug kingpin Dmitri (Dan Bădărău) has a wife (Silvia Stanciu) and a young son (Ștefan Iancu), both of whom he holds sacred, and they are not aware of his drug business. Recently, Dimitri has formed a drug dealing partnership with Costel (Darren Shahlavi), a Romanian man who runs the Roma Ace, one of the most popular clubs in Bucharest.

Costel and his men specialize in home invasions - they invade wealthy people's homes, steal whatever loot they can get, and kill the family. During each invasion, Costel himself rapes and kills the wife. And Costel owes Dimitri some money. Dimitri has threatened that Costel will die if he doesn't come up with the money.

Bobby and Steve are put on Costel's trail, and Bobby tries to get Dimitri to point them to Costel, but Dimitri is suspicious at first. After Bobby and Steve arrest Dimitri in an effort to get him to help them, Dimitri butts his head through a door window of their SUV, and accuses Bobby and Steve of brutality. Dimitri gets released, and Bobby and Steve continue their hunt for Costel.

One night while Dimitri is away from his mansion, Costel and his men break into the mansion, and Costel's right-hand man Dada (Zoltán Butuc) fatally shoots Dimitri's wife. Before Costel can kill Dimitri's son, Dimitri's men intervene, killing a couple of Costel's men as Costel and Dada escape.

Dimitri arrives at the mansion, learns what happened, and vows to make Costel and Dada pay. Dimitri's traumatized son describes his wife's shooter to him. Dimitri contacts Bobby, and offers to help Bobby find Costel, if Bobby will let Dimitri handle Dada himself. Bobby agrees, and he, Steve, and Dimitri set out to bring Costel and Dada down.


  • Steven Seagal as Robert 'Bobby' Samuels
  • Dan Bădărău as Dimitri
  • Darren Shahlavi as Costel
  • D. Neil Mark as Steve
  • George Remeș as Ronnie
  • Claudiu Bleonț as Sorin
  • Mădălina Marinescu as Tami
  • Călin Puia as Christian
  • Cosmina Păsărin as Nina
  • Alexandra Coman as Dorina
  • Oana Jidoveanu as Tatia
  • Izabela Onicioiu as Rachel
  • Karl Baker as Adrian
  • Ștefan Iancu as Dimitri's Son
  • Constantin Bărbulescu as Gall
  • Elias Ferkin as Rafi
  • Zoltán Butuc as Dada
  • Irina Antonie as Wife
  • Silvia Stanciu as Dimitri's Wife
  • Ioan Andrei Ionescu as Darius
  • Marius Chivu as Vlad
  • Alin Olteanu as Biker #2
  • Florian Ghimpu as Husband #1


Born to Raise Hell was shot at Castel Film Studios in Bucharest starting in early November 2009 for 4 weeks. The film was produced by Voltage Pictures on a budget of $10M and the script was written by Steven Seagal.

Home media[edit]

Born to Raise Hell was released on DVD in the United Kingdom on 18 October 2010. Born to Raise Hell was released on DVD in the United States on April 19, 2011.

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