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Borno may refer to:


  • Davor Borno, Croatian musician, pop singer and songwriter
  • Ashimi of Borno (c. 1840–1893), Shehu of Borno from ca.1885 to 1893
  • Kyari of Borno (died 1893), Shehu of Borno in 1893–1894
  • Louis Borno (1865–1942), lawyer (law degree earned in 1890 at the Faculty of Paris) and Haitian politician who served as President of Haiti from 1922 to 1930 during the period of the American occupation of Haiti (1915–1934)
  • Maurice Borno (1917–1955), Haitian painter. Born in Port-au-Prince, Borno attended school in Haiti, New York, and Paris. He was a founding member of the Centre d'Art and is considered a pioneer of Haitian art
  • Umar of Borno (died 1881), Shehu (Sheik) of the Kanem-Bornu Empire and son of Muhammad al-Amin al-Kanemi
  • Trygve Bornø (born 1942), retired Norwegian international footballer





  • Borno Youth Movement, a Nigerian political party founded on June 26, 1954. The party was founded by young radicals of Kanuri heritage who were indignant with the administrative course of native authorities in Borno and wanted to reform the authority