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Bosco Sodi (born in Mexico City, 1970) is a contemporary artist based in New York City. Sodi has lived, studied, and worked in Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin. He now maintains studios in Barcelona, Berlin, New York, and his native Mexico City. He is represented by: Pace Gallery, New York; Galeria Carles Tache, Barcelona; Galeria Alvaro Alcazar, Madrid; EIGEN + ART, Berlin; and Galeria Hilario Galguera, Mexico City.


Recent one-person exhibitions include Pace Gallery (New York),[1] Galeria Hilario Galguera (Mexico City), Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso (Mexico City), Taka Ishii Gallery (Kyoto), Project B (Milan), and the Bronx Museum of the Arts (New York) which featured Pangaea, a monumental painting measuring 13 by 40 feet. Sodi’s work can be found in numerous private and public collections including the De La Cruz Collection (Puerto Rico), Colección Jumex (Mexico City), Godia Foundation (Barcelona), Museo Internacional del Arte Aplicada Oggi (Torino, Italy), and the Luis Barragán Foundation (Switzerland).


Sodi’s paintings are composed of pure pigment, sawdust, wood pulp, natural fibers and glue. Sodi varies the proportions of the components but the structure is always more or less the same. The amount of water added dictates how much crackling occurs. The amount of sawdust, fibers and other fillers determines the bulk, the amount of pigment applied, as well as their shade, changes the intensity and patterns of the overall color scheme and the glue holds them together forming a kind of wood based cement. The studio in which Sodi’s paintings are made has a significant effect on the overall finished product. Although his primary medium is paint, the pigments in Barcelona are different from those in New York and thus the colors produced change with each location. The constituents of water are also a variable, depending upon location, and that difference will change the tonality of colors. In a manner of speaking, Sodi’s work is site-specific.


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