Bosko's Holiday

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screenshot from public domain 1931 animated feature Bosko's Holiday

Bosko's Hoilday is a one-reel 1931 short subject animated cartoon, part of the Bosko series. It was directed by Hugh Harman, and first released on July, 1931 as part of the Looney Tunes series from the Leon Schlesinger animation studio and distributed by Warner Brothers.


The cartoon opens when the phone was ringing, and Bosko was sleeping, so the phone woke up the alarm clock, so it can wake him up, the alarm clock poke him with his hands, and Bosko went to the phone, and Honey was on the phone, she going on the phone, Bosko hung up the phone, and got ready for the picnic, and the phone said "Scram, Bosko, Scram!", Bosko went on the car, and the little cars follow him, and told it to go home, and respawn "Ain't that cute"? Then, got a guitar and sung, until his string broke, so Bosko took the mouse tail, and the mouse was pretty mad at Bosko for taking his tail, so the mouse stretched it tail, after Bosko stop singing, he was about to pull the mouse tail, but the mouse did it hiself, and sticks his tongue out at Bosko, then he again respawns "Ain't that cute", and sticks his tongue out, then went Honey's house to get her for the picnic, and the dog follow them, the car was stuck, and Bosko was trying to push the car, but the was pulling his pants, which made him let go, and the car went backwards, and the dog licks him, and said "Hey"!, and was about to kick the dog, and the dog left, then Bosko was moving the car, and the dog came back and bit the tire, which cause it to suck the air to the dog, and Bosko got mad and sucks the airs back to the tire, and the dog left not happy, and came back, when they walk to the picnic, and found a log, and put the picnic basket there and told her something negative, which cause her to stand up, and Bosko pretty awkward, and ate the sandwich, to impress her, and said it taste sure fine, until the dog licks her, she thought Bosko did it, and hit him, and left, and Bosko said "Aw, nuts"