Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 2010 Winter Olympics

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Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Olympic Games

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
IOC code  BIH
NOC Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Website (Bosnian)
At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver
Competitors 5 in 3 sports
Flag bearer Žana Novaković
Medals Gold
Olympic history (summary)
Summer Games
Winter Games
Other related appearances
Yugoslavia (1920–1992 W)

Bosnia and Herzegovina competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.[1]

The athletes entering the stadium during the opening ceremonies.

Alpine skiing pictogram.svg Alpine skiing[edit]


Athlete Event Run 1 Run 2 Total Rank
Marko Rudić Men's slalom 53.70 55.46 1:49.16 36
Maja Klepić Women's slalom 59.43 DNF
Žana Novaković Women's slalom 58.19 57.76 1:55.95 40

Biathlon pictogram.svg Biathlon[edit]

Athlete Event Final
Time Misses Rank
Tanja Karišik Women's sprint 25:24.1 2 88

Cross country skiing pictogram.svg Cross-country skiing[edit]

Bosnia and Herzegovina has qualified two entrants in cross-country skiing.[2]

Athlete Event Final
Total Rank
Mladen Plakalović Men's 15 kilometre freestyle 39:41.4 78
Tanja Karišik Women's 10 kilometre freestyle 31:30.4 72

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