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Boson Books is an independent publisher based in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was founded in 1994 by Nancy McAllister, President and Director of Acquisitions, and David McAllister,[1] Vice President and Director of Technical Operations. The company publishes e-books and paperbacks; it also features a limited number of titles from The New South Company.


Initially, Boson Books published acclaimed contemporary writers of American Southern literature, such as Fred Chappell[2] and Kelly Cherry, named by Virginia governor Bob McDonnell in 2011 as the state's new poet laureate.[3][4] Over time, the company published more broadly, including American and international authors of fiction, non-fiction, and drama. As of 2012, the company publishes 140 titles. From the time of its founding, Boson embraced emerging technologies such as e-books and participated in academic conferences of the IEEE[5] and SIGDOC.[6]

Notable authors[edit]

Fred Chappell, poet and novelist

Kelly Cherry, poet and novelist

Phillip Gardner[7][8] novelist and English faculty member at Francis Marion University

Leon Katz,[9] dramatist and professor emeritus at Yale University

Robert Rodman, computer scientist and novelist at North Carolina State University

Steven Vivian, novelist and liberal nationalist social critic[10][11][12]


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