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Axel Bosse 2014

Bosse is a German rock band from Braunschweig. The band's name comes from the lead singer, Axel Bosse.[1]


Axel Bosse Vocals, Björn Krüger Drums, Thorsten Sala Guitar, and Theofilos Fotiades Bass (instrument).


Bosse with Band at Kosmonaut Festival 2014

In 2005, the band released their first single Kraft. They soon after performed in a farewell tour for Such A Surge. After the tour ended in April 2005, they released their first album Kamikazeherz. This album achieved considerable success in the period with the revival of German rock.

On July 28, 2006, the band released their second album, Guten Morgen Spinner with the accompanying single, Die Irritierten.

On February 6, 2009, saw the release of their third album Taxi. Before the album, the band left their label, EMI. In collaboration with Jochen Naaf, the band produced the album themselves. The single 3 Millionen was released in early 2009, and has received much airplay. Axel Bosse was also recently a featured artist on Deutsche Welle's PopXport.[2]

On September 29, 2011, Bosse came in third place in the annual Bundesvision Song Contest, out of 16 contestants, one from each of the German states. Bosse represented Lower Saxony, and sang Frankfurt Oder, from their fourth album, Wartesaal (released February 25, 2011).

Bosse was nominated as Best Artist for a 1Live Krone 2011 award. Bosse came in second place in the voting, losing out to Clueso.

On March 8, 2013, the band released its fifth album, "Kraniche", and confirmed a Tour through Germany[3]

Bosse made their second appearance on the annual Bundesvision Song Contest on September 27, 2013, this time coming in first place. They once again represented Lower Saxony, and sang So Oder So, a single from Kraniche.

Bosse was nominated as Best Artist for a 1Live Krone 2013 award. Bosse came in second place in the voting, losing out to Casper.



  • 2005: Kamikazeherz
  • 2006: Guten Morgen Spinner
  • 2009: Taxi
  • 2011: Wartesaal
  • 2013: Kraniche


  • 2005: Kraft (Power)
  • 2005: Keine Panik (No Panic)
  • 2005: Niemand vermisst uns (Nobody Misses Us)
  • 2006: Die Irritierten (The Confused)
  • 2009: 3 Millionen (Three Millions)
  • 2009: Liebe ist leise (Love Is Quiet)
  • 2009: Sommer lang (Summer Long) (feat. Frida)
  • 2011: Weit weg (Far Away)
  • 2011: Wartesaal (Waiting Room)
  • 2011: Frankfurt Oder (Frankfurt Oder) (feat. Anna Loos)
  • 2013: Schönste Zeit (Most Beautiful Time)
  • 2013: So oder so (Either Way)


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