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Bosulachi or Boslachi is one of South Korean Mantra words and satire words. It was a synthetic word of Boji and Byosulachi's.[1] Boji is woman's vagina, Byosulachi is Bureaucracy. Bosulachi has emerged in 2006 in South Korean internet's. Bosulachi was founded full of vanity woman and egoistic Korean women's of angry South Korean young guy and boys.[2] they is using female sexual for men's harassing Korean women.

ordinary used primarily to mockery of an aggressive personality woman and girls.


Bosulachi and Boslachi is one of the Modern South Korean Mantra words and satire words. Bosulachi was Create become to anonymous Internet user in 2006. a some south korean woman was cruel to more guy's,[3] and ill feeling against to weak or poverty guy, small guy and Boy is they womans.

bosulachi is Synthetic word of Boji and Byosulachi's.[1] Boji[4] was woman's genitals is Korean Names,[1] Byosulachi is Bureaucracy[1] and korean Traditionally satire of bureaucratic, authoritarian, violence.

antipathy to responsibility and duty evasion, exploited as a weapon to have been born as a woman and full of vanity woman, weak guy and little guys harassing and Flirting women and forced to required to Lady First and man one-sided sacrificed self-centered, egoistic korean women's About korean guys anger and break the charm egoistic woman and female chauvinism, Feminazi.

South Korean young women's selfishness on angry many citizens were sympathetic to it word.[5] the cause of the birth of the young men and boys came from the anger and frustration.

Comparison with Doenjang Girl[edit]

Similar words of Doenjang Girl, but Bosulachi is more violent women were to blame. Doenjang Girl was a luxury, vanity and Pride is strong.[6][7] but Bosulachi is violent, be ignored of poor man, Weak men.

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