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Origin Tacoma, Washington, United States
Genres Mathcore, metalcore,[1][2] hardcore punk[3]
Years active 1993–2002
Labels Indecision, Hydra Head
Associated acts Minus the Bear, Roy, These Arms Are Snakes, Narrows, Russian Circles
Past members Dave Verellen
Dave Knudson
Tim Latona
Brian Cook

Botch was a four-piece mathcore band from Tacoma, Washington, United States, that formed in 1993 and disbanded in 2002.


The band released three full-length albums and a handful of smaller releases including several singles and an EP. Its members went on an indefinite hiatus to form Roy, Russian Circles, Minus the Bear, Narrows, and These Arms are Snakes among others. Decibel magazine inducted We Are the Romans into its Hall of Fame in November 2005.

Hydra Head Records has released four new Botch items since the time of the band's breakup. Included are Unifying Themes Redux, a collection of early 7" songs, compilations, and other rarities. A long-awaited DVD and CD release of Botch's last ever performance at Seattle's Showbox, entitled 061502, was released on December 5, 2006 by Hydra Head Records.[4]


Concerning any plans for a reunion, the band has stated on their official MySpace page:

There is no reunion in the works. As proud as we are of the band and as much as we're all still friends, there is no plan to do a reunion. Zero, zilch, nada. However, we do appreciate everyone's continuing interest in the band. Thanks



Studio albums[edit]


  • Blind...From Youth Installed (Cassette) (Self Released, 1994)
  • Faction 7" (World of Hurt/Threshold, 1995)
  • The John Birch Conspiracy Theory 7" (Phyte, 1996)
  • An Anthology of Dead Ends (Hydra Head, October 2002)


  • Psycho Civilized (CD) (Elevator, 1995); Track: Circle 11
  • The Excursion Compilation (CD) (Excursion, 1995); Track: Inch by Inch
  • I Can't Live Without It (LP) (The Mountain Collective For Independent Artists, Ltd., 1996); Track: Closure
  • Hardcore Maniacs No. 5: All About Friends (CD) (1997)
    • Limited to 1000 copies
  • Is It...Dead? (CD/LP) (Sub Pop, SP540, 2001); Track: Hutton’s Great Heat Engine
  • Unifying Themes Redux - collected early releases (CD/2xLP) (Excursion, 2002)
    • Reissued in 2006 on Hydra Head
  • 061502 CD and DVD (Hydra Head, December 2006)

Split albums[edit]

  • Split 7" with nineironspitfire (Indecision Records, 1997)
    • Limited to 2454 copies.
  • The Edge of Quarrel 7" - split with Murder City Devils (Excursion, 1999)
    • Limited to 2200 copies.
  • In These Black Days Vol. V 7" - split with Cave In (Hydra Head, 1999)
    • Limited to 1830 copies.
  • 3-Way Split 10" w/ Knut & Ananda - recorded live Nov 7, 1999 in Rennes (Mosh Bart Industries, 2000)
    • Limited to 1500 copies.

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