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Botched poster.jpg
Poster art
Directed by Kit Ryan
Produced by Alan Balladur
Thomas Fischer
Steve Richards
Terence Ryan
Ken Tuohy
Written by Raymond Friel
Derek Boyle
Eamon Friel
Starring Stephen Dorff
Jaime Murray
Sean Pertwee
Jamie Foreman
Geoff Bell
Music by Tom Green
Cinematography Bryan Loftus
Edited by Jeremy Gibbs
ApolloProMovie & Co. 1. Filmproduktion
Arcade Films
Barraboy Films
Madigan Film Productions
Opix Films
Zinc Entertainment Inc.
Distributed by Optimum Releasing
(United Kingdom)
Darclight Films
(United States)
Release date(s)
  • July 30, 2007 (2007-07-30) (Munich Fantasy Filmfest)
  • April 18, 2008 (2008-04-18) (Ireland)
Running time 91 minutes
Country Ireland
Language English

Botched is a 2007 horror comedy film starring Stephen Dorff.


Richie Donovan (Stephen Dorff) works as a professional thief for Groznyi (Sean Pertwee), a wealthy businessman, in order to pay off his debt for being smuggled into America as a child. He pulls off a successful diamond heist, but it is botched when he gets involved in two separate car accidents. He is given one last chance to pay off his debt by going to Moscow to steal a priceless antique cross locked in the safe of a skyscraper penthouse. Richie and his Russian accomplices, brothers Peter (Jamie Foreman) and Yuri (Russell Smith), successfully recover the cross, but their elevator gets stuck on the uncompleted 13th floor. Believing that the police have stopped the elevator, the thieves take their fellow passengers as hostages for negotiating an escape. They agree to send one hostage down, but when the elevator doors open, the hostage is mysteriously beheaded.

The remaining hostages quickly divide into two groups: A Christian group consisting of Sonya (Bronagh Gallagher), Helena (Norma Sheahan) and Katerina (Gene Rooney), who are later joined by Yuri, and another, consisting of the nerdy Dmitry (Hugh O'Conor), beautiful Anna (Jaime Murray) and incompetent security guard Boris (Geoff Bell).

In the confusion, the Christian group seizes firearms and takes control, shooting Peter. Katerina is sent to stand guard over Richie and the remainder of the hostages, while Sonya takes Yuri to a chamber where he is to sacrificed by a wild man in armor named Alex (Edward Baker-Duly). Yuri manages to escape, but is impaled by one of Alex's traps, complete with disco music and lighting. In his rage, Alex kills Katerina, allowing Richie and the hostages to escape. They discover Alex's lair, where he has been watching everyone using security cameras. A photo reveals that Alex is the twin brother of Sonya, and they both believe themselves to be descendants of Ivan the Terrible. The group splits when Richie and Anna decide to chase after Alex, while Boris and Dmitry prefer to rig the room with various traps they have constructed and wait for Alex to come to them.

Richie and Anna manage to drive off Alex, though Richie is wounded and Anna loses part of her ear. Instead Alex confronts Boris and Dmitry, and starts chasing them through the building when their traps fail to deploy. Dmitry gets caught in his own snare, making him an easy target for Alex, while Sonya dupes Boris into deploying a malfunctioning trap, cutting his hand off. Boris manages to cauterize his arm, but is also injected with a serum that restricts facial movement.

Alex drags Peter's body into his lair for a sacrifice. In doing so, he finds the cross and takes it for himself. Richie and Anna then unsuccessfully search Peter for the cross, only to discover that Peter miraculously survived the shooting. Alex is then attacked from three sides by Peter, Richie and an increasingly incoherent Boris. Though Alex easily kills Peter, Richie manages to impale him on his disco spikes, recovers the cross, then sets him on fire. As they are fleeing the building, Richie is strangled by Sonya, but Anna saves him by stabbing Sonya with her nail file. Security is alerted by Alex's body falling onto the floor below, allowing Richie and Anna to escape unencumbered.

Outside, they are met by Groznyi, who pays Richie handsomely for his work. Richie is enraged, having discovered that Grozniy is the brother of Sonya and Alex, and tells him that he'll never work for him again, but Grozniy replies that Richie will be back. Richie and Anna then depart for Los Angeles.

The working title for this film was 13.


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