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Botha is a common Afrikaans surname, derived from the Friso-Saxon Both.[1] It was brought to South Africa in 1678 by German soldiers who subsequently intermarried with the local Dutch population.[2] Botha roughly translates to "son of the leader" in Middle Dutch.

The progenitors of the extended clan are Frederich Botha (born Wangenheim, Thuringia) and his lover Maria Kickers (born Amsterdam, North Holland).[3] Married in 1714, they later farmed for a living between Stellenbosch and Somerset West.[2] Today, their legal descendants number around 76,125 people,[4] including:

Descendants of Ferdinandùs Appel[edit]

Prior to her marriage to Frederich Botha, Maria Kickers copulated with Ferdinandùs Appel, another Hollander from an Amsterdam family.[2] Appel fathered one child out of wedlock with Maria - Theunis - who was later adopted by the Bothas. His descendants include:[4]

  • Louis Botha (1862-1919), first Prime Minister of South Africa, often referred to as "General Botha"
  • Pieter Willem "P.W." Botha (1916-2006), South African prime minister from 1978 to 1984 and state president from 1984 to 1989

Other uses[edit]