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Unopened botok in banana leaves wrapping.
Botok tawon, botok made from bee larvae.

Botok (sometimes called Bobotok in its plural form) is a traditional Javanese dish made from shredded coconut flesh which has been squeezed of its coconut milk, often mixed with other ingredients such as vegetable or fish, and wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. In the past the coconut flesh is discarded after squeezing the coconut milk, but this way it can also be eaten. Botok is typically consumed with rice.


On a piece of banana leaf, the coconut flesh is mixed with chilli, salt, pepper, and salam (Indonesian bay-leaf). The leaf is wrapped tight and secured with a stick, then placed on a steamer.


To add flavour, many botok recipes use additional ingredients, such as Petai Cina, tofu, anchovy, wahoo, shrimp, beef or even bee larvae.

Buntil is prepared in a similar way, but used papaya or cassava leaves instead of banana leaves, making the wrapping edible as part of the dish. Botok is often considered as the variations of Pepes, the cooking method using banana leaf. However botok is identified more specific by using shredded coconut flesh, while pepes usually contains no coconut at all.

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